Zupapa Trampoline ReviewWhen it comes to value for the money the first trampoline brand that comes to mind almost every single time is Zupapa Trampolines. A relative newcomer to the market in the world of quality trampolines Zupapa is quickly building quite the name for itself and is starting to really obtain quite the foothold of loyal followers and fans. For this trampoline review I will basically “cut to the chase” and give you my thoughts when it comes to purchasing one of these models if you are in the market for such a make in model.

Here it is: If you honestly are looking for the BEST value for the dollar when it comes to purchasing a quality trampoline look no further. Your search is over and you have found the make you are looking for. I cannot stress this enough. You will find NO OTHER manufacturer that gives you the best value for the dollar other than Zupapa. PERIOD.

If that buyer is you then the only decision to make is the choice of a fifteen, fourteen, or twelve foot version. Pretty simple here folks. No one and I mean no one beats these guys when it comes to value for your money. I cannot stress that enough. Lets look closer to see what I mean.

Zupapa Trampoline Safety

As we have mentioned before next to price the very next question we always receive when someone is looking into any of the trampolines out there today usually revolves around the safety of the device. Of course there is always going to be a bit of danger when anyone is involved in an activity such as this and no manufacturer is immune to that. HOWEVER, with the many components that Zupapa includes with their trampolines STANDARD when a customer purchases one you are going to have as much in your favor as possible when it comes to keeping any and all occupants safe when jumping on the product.

Let’s face it, when buying a quality trampoline any customer is putting down a decent amount of money to purchase a device that will hopefully be used for many years to come. And sometimes with the more expensive models we have seen customers feel the need to skip some of the components that we would much rather see them purchase when it comes to ensuring the safety of the occupants. With other manufacturers these other add-ons can add up and make some of the essential safety devices that we feel are mandatory prohibitively expensive. Because of that some people decide to skip purchasing safety equipment that we feel in mandatory. This is where Zupapa really shines in our opinion. Why you ask? Because when you purchase a Zupapa EVERYTHING, and I mean everything comes standard. There is no need to purchase any add on components. Everything you need to have the safest jumping environment possible will arrive all in the same box.

One of the many questions we have seen customers ask when someone is interested in this product is the fact that all these trampolines are “TUV Approved” and what does that mean. TUV stands for Technischer Überwachungsverein which loosely translates into Technical Inspection Association in English. TUV has been active in Germany for over 150 years and they work to validate the safety of German made products as third party consultants. As you may or may not know the Germans are absolutely fanatical when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. You can never do better than the Germans when it comes to engineering and quality. Basically their products are second to none. So when you find a product that is made in Germany and is TUV approved you know you are getting one of the best made and safest products on the market today.

As far as everything else goes with this model what you see is pretty much what you get. That being said there are some subtle safety features that might not catch your eye at first inspection that should probably be mentioned here. First of all the safety net enclosure is longer than the average competitor allowing the net to offer higher protection to the occupants. Basically, no matter how high people try to jump they will easily be protected within the safety net enclosure system.

Secondly, the poles and leg joints are bundled together to make the unti as sturdy and firm as possible. With all this steel bound together it prevents any sort of structural twisting that might be a concern with other manufacturers. Not here!! With all this heavy duty steel bound together you are ensured this trampoline is rock solid and sturdy to the core. It is going no where!

The heavy gauge seven inch springs as well as the ultra heavy duty jumping mat are honestly second to none. No one makes them better than these guys. These components are so strong and durable that the twelve and fourteen foot versions can handle a jumper of up to 330 pounds. The fifteen foot version can handle a jumper of up to 375 pounds. To us that is absolutely mind boggling. These models are able to handle the weight of occupants almost 100 pounds heavier than some of the competing brands out there. We can only describe that as simply amazing.

Ease of Setup

With the weight and sturdiness of the models being on the heavy side one would think that the setup of the trampoline would be rather difficult. Thankfully buyers of all these models claim that that is really not the case. Setup is reported to be relatively easy with only a handful of complaints. The first major complaint being that the directions were not all that clear and in many cases could be very vague. The next major complaint from purchasers involved some of the hardware components used to fasten the structure together. Complaints were made about the U-bolts and the wing nuts being made of a softer type of style that is easy to strip. Some customers have replaced these easily with stronger galvanized steel versions for very little cost that they were quite pleased with. If you happen to purchase this make of trampoline we recommend doing the same. Again, these can be replaced for very little money and might be worth avoiding some headaches in the future.


I consider the Zupapa brand to be the heaviest and sturdiest models on the market today. Think of them as the Humvee of the trampoline world. They are stout and heavy and made to last. Because of their very hefty components these trampolines will last for years and years to come with just the slightest amount of TLC and preventative maintenance that is easily accomplished. To help extend the life of your purchase we recommend always using the cover that comes with it, and removing snow and other debris from the trampoline anytime inclement weather contaminates the surfaces. If you live in very cold climates you might consider taking apart the jump mat in the winter months and storing them when not in use but that would be a little extreme. We have seen many reports where customers keep their Zupapa’s in the snow and cold for months on end and they have yet to have any ill effects. So either way you know this trampoline is going to last for a very long time.


With the sturdiness of the Zupapa one would think that the performance would suffer but as many customers can attest that is simply not the case. A superior bounce can be achieved with the seven inch heavy gauge steel springs that can really propel any jumper high into the air. The bounce of the Zupapa really is surprising and quite good. One would think that a trampoline with this price point would not have the high performance of some of the more expensive models but customers state that the performance exceeded their expectations. In addition to the springs the jumping mat is made of a very heavy duty and UV protected polypropylene material that is both very durable and very high performance. The jump mat coupled with the heavy duty springs means you have a proverbial 1-2 punch when it comes to getting some incredible height with this trampoline. If you are looking for great performance at a lower price point you honestly cannot go wrong with this model.


The height of the 15 and 14 foot model is 8.53 feet and the 12 foot model has a height of 7.9 feet. The frame height (without the net enclosure) is 35 inches. The diameter of the jump mat is 159 inches for the 15 foot model, 148 inches for the 14 foot model, and 125 inches for the 12 foot version. Weight for all models is around 215 lbs making the Zupapa one of the heaviest makes on the market today.


It has been stated here before but we will state it again for good measure. All accessories come standard with the Zupapa line of trampolines. Because of this there is almost nothing more that a customer needs to purchase and quite frankly there really isn’t more to buy even if someone wanted to. That being said aftermarket accessories are available but reviewers of this line haven’t provided info of how they work in conjunction with these trampolines. If you do buy an aftermarket accessory we cannot guarantee that they will work properly so please make sure you do further research. With many aftermarket accessories out there we cannot them working together. Again, be careful!!


– Very affordable
– All accessories come standard
– Incredibly sturdy and strong
– Ease of setup
– TUV approved
– Ability to allow heavier occupants to jump. (Something many trampolines cannot do.)


– Some the hardware components have been reported as soft and strips easily
– Instructions can be confusing

Zupapa Customer Reviews

For the price you cannot beat the Zupapa product. And because of that the customer reviews we always receive are always above average. Very rarely do we read reports of anyone having problems with these line of products. With the quality of the product and the incredibly low price point it is almost impossible to be unhappy when buying a Zupapa.

If you are a budget minded buyer and you want the best bang for the buck might we recommend buying the Zupapa. Whether is be the twelve, fourteen, or fifteen foot version we know that you will be very happy with your decision.


Once again the incredible price point here screams value. We cannot emphasize this enough that when looking for value these machines really shine above the rest. With the safety and sturdiness of these models coupled with the incredibly low price you have an absolute winner. Even though these are newcomers to the market they are quickly becoming a favorite and will be around for many years to come. Buy the Zupapa! Take our word for it, you will be happy that you did.