Super Jumper Trampoline Review When writing this trampoline review for the Super Jumper product line I could really only come up with one word to describe these make and models. In a nutshell I would describe all of them as simply, “basic”. And no, we don’t mean “basic” as a derogatory term or that we are unhappy with these products but they can be a bit underwhelming (unless you know what you are purchasing and the limits and capabilities of all the products offered.)

There isn’t much going on here. The quality of the product is decent. The price is low to average. These are bare bones make and model trampolines that can give you years of jumping fun if you are looking for an entry level model then moving on. I think this model would be best used as a trial trampoline that you can get a few years out of before moving into something more advanced and/or pricey.


With the Super Jumper line we did find the safety to be adequate. Again “basic” comes to mind. We saw no major issues with any one aspect of the frame, jump pad, safety enclosure, legs, or ladder. They are all sturdy and framed with galvanized steel to keep rust away or at least to a minimum. The jump mat is UV coated to prevent any type of sun damage and we are happy to report that it is also TUV certified from the German Technical Inspection Association so you know at least that component is really well made. The safety pad is firm and does an adequate job of covering the springs that attach to the jumping surface. The springs are 6.5 inch zinc plated steel versions that are surprisingly strong and provide for a nice good bounce. With 108 of them connecting to the jump mat you are assured a nice complete attachment and a sturdy hold.

The safety net is mediocre to adequate from the research we have conducted. At almost nine feet it is somewhat higher than a few of the other make and models out there but in actuality I prefer other brands that are lower in height versus the Super Jumper product. Mainly because I feel that other manufacturers build them just a little more “beefy” than this model even though they are not quite a high. My favorite being the SpringFree line (but that is like comparing apples and oranges here). All that being said don’t let my criticism sway you from purchasing this product. Budget minded shoppers should be happy with this trampoline as long as they know all the pros and cons and do their due diligence.

The safety of the Super Jumper is adequate and should provide the needed protections to keep your children or other loved ones safe when occupying this trampoline. Of course we would like a few changes to be made but in all honesty for the money this is still a quality product. If you purchase this model and construct the materials via the plans we see no major issues that would cause anyone to get hurt. As long as you follow the rules and the care and maintenance of the Super Jumper are adhered to during the jump season and winter storage (if you live in colder climates).

Ease of Setup

Thankfully the Super Jumper line of trampolines seems to be one of the easier product lines in regards to setup and ease of construction. On average construction time floats between one hour to about three hours and is very intuitive. That is very good considering the instructions are not very clear nor are they very good. Luckily you really don’t need them to put this one together.

In addition to the instructions being somewhat vague and not very useful purchasers also complained about the tool provided by Super Jumper to assist in stretching the springs does not work very well and is likely to break. People complained that they had to either purchase a similar tool from a different manufacturer or they had to go all MacGyver and fabricate something themselves so that they could get the springs in place another way. Our advice to you might be to purchase a tool separately that will help you in the process. We recommend this Trampoline Spring Pull Hook. We have found that this model is beefier and more sturdy. Plus, it is not very expensive either so it will not break the bank. We find it to be a good investment to make sure that your trampoline will be set up properly.

All in all the setup of this line is one that should not be a limiting factor when trying to purchase the make and model of trampoline. Out of all the types on the market today these models are some of the easiest to construct.


With top quality materials of anti rust steel galvanized tubes and thick springs covered in zinc the durability of the Super Combo frame should never be in question. What is also good to know is that the mat is firmly sewed and UV resistant. And just a reminder the jump mat is TUV approved by the German’s so you know that the mat is top quality. All in all a quality product for a very good price.


With durability shown to be adequate lets now look to performance. Depending on the size of the model chosen performance is adequate as well. How high do you want to go? Of course the larger the jumping area will give the occupant the ability to jump higher. With many different sizes to choose from; a 16 footer all the way down to 4.5 feet you should be able to find a size that will meet both your space and your needs. With the 16 foot model you are going to have a huge jump surface that can allow more than one occupant at once and for a jump mat that has very good performance. Customers agree that the performance is up there with other top of the line models that cost much more. Of course many other aspects dictate how high a person can loft themselves into the air. Mostly their weight and their leg strength. With all things being equal, the Super Jumper is going to give you a wonderful jump experience for an incredible price.

Super Jumper Jumbo Trampoline Dimensions

In this trampoline review we have focused on the 16 foot model but in actuality there are six other models that fall under the Super Jumper line. Here we will review each of them and give the reader the dimensions starting the biggest jump area to smallest.

16 Foot Dimensions: Shipping info: 2 cartons: 57 X 18 X 11″ 110 lbs and 53 X 16 X 10″ 93 lbs. The height after construction is 35″ and uses 6 U legs to hold the unit up. The safety pad is 13″ in width and filled with impact resistance EPE foam. Weight limit per jumper is 330 lbs.

14 Foot Dimensions: Shipping info: 2 cartons: 68 X 17 X 9″ 82 lbs and 68 X 15 X 8″ 89 lbs. The height after construction 35″ and this model uses 4 U leg to hold it up. The safety pad is 13″ in width and filled with impact resistance EPE foam. Weight limit per jumper is 330 lbs.

12 Foot Dimensions: Shipping info: 1 carton: 60 X 17 X 14″ 152 lbs. The height after construction 35″ and this model uses 4 U leg to hold it up. The safety pad is 13″ in width and filled with impact resistance EPE foam. Weight limit per jumper is 330 lbs.

10 Foot Dimensions: Shipping info: 52 X 17 X 15″ 142 lbs. The height after construction is 30″ and this model uses 4 U legs to hold it up. The safety pad is 13″ in width and filled with impact resistance EPE foam. Weight limit per jumper is 220 lbs.

6 Foot Dimensions: Shipping Info: 1 carton, 41 X 20 X 8″ 65 lbs. The height after construction is 20″ and this model uses 3 U legs to hold it up. The safety pad is 10″ in width and filled with impact resistance EPE foam. Weight limit per jumper is 220 lbs.

4.5 Foot Dimensions: Shipping Info: 1 Carton 36 X 18 X 6″ 38 lbs. The height after construction is 14″ and this model uses 3 U legs to hold it up. The safety pad is 6.7″ in width and filled with impact resistance EPE foam. Weight limit per jumper is 88 lbs.


When it comes to accessories we must admit that there isn’t a lot to speak about. The pickings here are quite slim to the point of being almost nonexistent. But hey that is what you are getting here, a no frills quality trampoline at rock bottom prices. The only accessory that Super Jumper really offers outside of the standard components is the ladder. Yep, that’s it. The ladder is the only other add on that you can purchase. Once again, there might be some third party accessories that can be added on to this particular line but we haven’t tested that so we cannot comment.


– Very affordable
– Ease of setup is one of the best
– Solid construction
– Jump mat is TUV approved


– Lack of accessories
– Instructions are not well written
– Spring pad can be difficult to install

Consumer Reviews

Super Jumpers are a very high selling product line mainly because the price is so affordable. Most customers who buy this model are usually happy with their purchase as long as they understand that because of the very low price point they are trading in a tad bit of quality and frills. Once again, please do not misunderstand what we are saying, the Super Jumper product line is a quality product and as long as it is well cared for and maintained it should give you and your family years of enjoyment. That being said if you want top of the line performance, durability, and accessories this is not the trampoline. We would recommend browsing through our other trampoline reviews and finding another make and manufacturer that could better suit your needs. However, if you are looking for a decent tramp and affordability is the biggest factor on your pre buy checklist then might we recommend seriously looking at Super Jumper.


These trampolines are cheap, plain and simple. Very few manufacturers out there can get near the affordability of these models. While not our favorite we do like the fact that Super Jumper manufactures a product that is affordable enough so that almost anyone can own one. If saving money is your primary goal versus frills and goodies then this is your brand. If you need something more then we suggest looking elsewhere.