Stamina Trampoline Review

Stamina Trampoline
Up until now most of our trampoline reviews have revolved around the ones that are used for fun and entertainment. Sure you get a good workout when you are on the ones mainly used for family fun and frolic but they are used mainly for just that with the added fringe benefits of getting a good cardio workout. Then there are the small cardio models shown here, also known as a rebounder which is used for rebound training. Rebound training is used for low intensity cardio exercise that can be accomplished in the comfort of your home without taking up too much space. In this review we are going to investigate one of the better known entry level mini-trampolines on the market today and show you the pros and cons of purchasing one.


When it comes to the safety of rebounders there isn’t a massive amount of information to report for a number of reasons. Mini-trampolines such as the Stamina 36 Folding Rebounder are only nine inches off the ground which we all know isn’t very much at all when comparing them to the other models we have reviewed here. Now of course there is a little bit of danger when someone is deciding to conduct any sort of athletic activity but when it comes to jumping on a rebounder that liability is very limited. As long as the device is placed in an area that is relatively far removed from furniture or other objects that could cause injury the Stamina 36 folding trampoline should be able to be used without fear of serious injury.

The Stamina is an entry level rebounder with sturdy components that can be used time and time again without fear of breakdown and injury as long of the unit is well maintained and cared for. It has thirty band tension resistance which insures a stable and safe jumping mat. The resistance bands are covered with a safety pad that insures an occupant will be protected should they exit the jump mat and land outside of that area and potentially landing into the resistance bands. The unit is held nine inches above the ground by six rubber tipped steel constructed legs that insure a steady platform and firm grip to the ground. If the jumping athlete insures that there is plenty of room without any objects nearby and on a flat surface there should not be any risk of serious injury. The only real major risk when using a rebounder such as this would be to land in furniture or hit objects close by that shouldn’t be in the area close to the jumping surface.

Stamina Rebounder
Rebounder Trampoline

Ease of Setup

We almost have to laugh when we get to this part. Ease of setup? There is practically no setup at all to speak about when compared to other makes and models. Basically all that needs to be accomplished is screwing the legs into place and then the safety pad cover needs to be stretched into place and put above the resistance bands. A few purchasers have complained about the safety pad being difficult to put into place and stating that it was a two person job, however those complaints are very limited when considering the sheer number of positive feedback we are receiving about this rebounder from people who said they had no problem at all.

If space is an issue this folding rebounder has the ability to be broken down for storage or travel. Some have complained that they wished the legs would fold instead of having to be unscrewed for even easier breakdown and storage however we didn’t see this as a major issue. Again, this is an entry level model and the price reflects that in more ways than one. Because this is a much cheaper version than some of the other mini-trampolines out there many of the frills are not available to help keep the cost down. If this is important to you then might we recommend one of the more expensive rebounders on the market that can accommodate those needs.

All in all breaking down this model and reassembling takes no time at all. If time is an issue the Stamina folding rebounder still takes up very little space when fully assembled so breaking the unit down on a daily basis should rarely be needed unless you live in very tight quarters.

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline Durability

When it comes to the durability of the Stamina rebounder mixed reviews are the order of the day. Some customers who purchased this entry level model were very happy with their purchase and have enjoyed months if not years of daily use without so much as a hiccup. However others have complained of problems developing within months are starting their rebound training. Most of the durability issues usually revolve around the resistance bands and them tending to give out during hour after hour of extreme exercise. As long as the occupant is under the weight limit and the unit is cared for this should rarely be a problem however. That being said if there are any issues with the resistance bands or any other component of this mini-trampoline please remember that Stamina only has a 90 day warranty against minor defects on parts while they do insure minor defects against workmanship and materials for up to a year.

Once again please remember that this is an entry level model. The price is very cheap so the components are not a strong and beefy as other much more expensive models out there. In our opinion you try the Stamina out and if rebound training is for you then you eventually move on to more durable and more expensive models out there.


While this is an entry level model most customers agree that the performance and the quiet bouncing manner of this rebounder is impressive for such a low price point. If you have never been involved in rebound training before and want to check it out this model trampoline will be able to give you a good idea of what is in store for you and has the required performance needed to see if this would be an adequate low intensity cardio regime for someone’s health and fitness goals.

Once again, there are better performing mini-trampolines out there in the market today but many are way more expensive. This is a good litmus test to see if you are interested in continuing to train this way. So don’t expect the performance to blow you away but we also think that you will not be disappointed either.


The dimensions are as follows: 36.5 x 36.5 x 8.8 inches. The trampoline all together weighs 12 pounds.


With a rebounder such as this you are not going to find any accessories unless you opt for a different version. All that being said accessories for mini-trampolines are few and far between other than jumping bars and maybe some resistance tubes. If looking for more accessories we recommend looking into purchasing another model all together.


– Very affordable
– Great entry level model
– Quiet
– Ease of setup
– Light and doesn’t take up much space


– Durability
– Safety pad can be hard to put into place
– No accessories

Consumer Reviews

The Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline is one of the most popular rebounders that you can buy on Amazon today and for good reason. It is a great entry level model that provides adequate performance for minimal price. This is a cheap investment in your health that can pay dividends for years to come in regards to health and wellness with a fabulous low intensity cardio exercise. Customers rave about this product and we think it should be your first choice if you are considering bringing this into your exercise routine and are not sure if this would work for you or not.

The vast majority of customers who purchase the Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline are thrilled with the product and recommend that others buy it as well. With very little capital outlay we feel that this is a good investment to make and you will not be disappointed.


Like we have said before the price point of this make and model could not be any better. Price alone if probably one of the many reasons the Stamina is one of the most popular mini-trampolines on Amazon. This is a model that will not break the bank and has the potential of being a wonderful tool to help you stay fit and healthy using this low intensity form of cardio exercise. We encourage you to try it out and let us know how it works for you!