Part of why I love producing trampoline reviews is working with some really great products and learning as much as I can about them. To be quite honest conducting this evaluation was a real treat. If you are looking for one of the biggest trampolines that you can find, with one of the largest jump areas on the market, then the SpringFree S155 Jumbo is something that should be seriously considered. I consider this monster the “Texas sized” version because just like the Lone Star State it certainly is big!

Even though the surface area of the S155 is listed as thirteen square feet in actuality this model is the equivalent of a sixteen square foot equivalent due to the fact that it doesn’t use springs like conventional trampolines do. And because of that you get A LOT more jumping space which allows more fun for more people. Couple that with one of the most highly energetic jump mats that has ever been built and you have a Grade A incredible device that is considered by many to be the “Rolls Royce” of large tramps.

SpringFree S155 Safety

When customers and clients are looking for a tramp the first question on their mind is usually what is the safety of the device since they do not want subjecting family or friends to anymore dangers than they have to with this type of activity. Safety is THE #1 question we are asked before other aspects of the make and model are brought up; and with good reason. As the name of the company suggests the Springfree S155 is “Springfree” meaning that there are no springs at all that connect the jumping mat to the support beams of the trampoline. Instead the S155 uses a system of protruded fiberglass rods that gives the mat its tension. With this ingenious design of using rods instead of springs really enhances the safety of this particular tramp. Springs can be one of the bigger hazards when operating a trampoline so the fact that this company has taken them out all together is a HUGE selling point for anyone really concerned about safety. No pinched skin of fingers!

The netting used to surround the S155 is also of top quality and another big reason we think this model is so safe. The netting used is an ultraviolet resistant fabric with a very fine weave that they call the “No Climb Net”. With this No Climb Net you cannot get your fingers caught between the weave potentially breaking a finger. The weave also prohibits anyone from climbing up the net. Because of this the net can only be used as it was intended and that it to protect anyone from flying off the mat and stopping them before they hit the ground. Because of the rod assisted “Flexinet” as it is called, jumpers will be able to jump safely without the concern of hitting the ground and really hurting themselves. The Flexinet is another reason we consider the S155 to be tops on the charts when it comes to jump safety.

In addition, the Flexinet does not rely on exposed steel rods that a jumper could bump into.  An outer frame – away from the jumpers – holds the net upright.  Considering that jumping into a steel pole is another kind of regular injury, this net is designed to provide security without adding any other risks.

Ease of Setup

If we had one major complaint about the Springfree S155 it would have to be the ease (of lack of ease) of setup. Even though we are big fans of the rod system used by Springfree to provide a safer and more energetic jump environment we must admit that when it comes to setting up this particular model that the rods can be a bear to work with. You will need more than one person helping with the setup of this particular model, (the more the better) and It is IMPERATIVE that you read the instructions and watch the videos completely and thoroughly before commencing with the setup process. If for some reason you get any step wrong in the assembly process then you are going to have to stop, dissemble, and then start again from the beginning. So please make it as easy on yourself as possible and be very meticulous in the building process. In doing so you will save yourself a lot of aggravation from having to rework any aspects of the assembly which as we have stated before can be difficult. Plan on taking anywhere from 2-3 hours to accomplish the task. Of all the reviews we read from customers, clients, competitor’s websites, and our own research; they all said the same thing. The setup of this trampoline took a lot of time.


When you are spending quite a bit of money on a trampoline you want to make sure that your investment is going to last a long long time. Luckily with the SpringFree line of trampolines durability will not be much of a concern because of the testing and reinforcement that they include in the manufacturing process. The mat is tested for UV exposure for over 5000 hours which SpringFree claims to be one of the most rigorous tests in the industry that they conduct on these types of materials. In addition, the stitching is reinforced to make sure that it is as strong as can be so that it will not fail after years of use. It is also covered over with a webbing protectant that helps keep the UV rays off of the stitching since it cannot be protected like the mat. Because of these two features alone Springfree states that the mat of the trampoline should last for at least 10 years. (Maybe longer with extra good care) It can also be left out all year long.


Not only does the SpringFree rod system enhance the safety of the jumper when enjoying the S155, but they also provide more resistance which offers the ability to jump higher and “get more air” than the spring powered counterparts. The protruding rods used in this setup make available a tremendous amount of energy that benefits the jumper with higher vaults into the air as well as the ability to perform more aerial feats because of the high performance mat and rod system in place. The difference is noticeable so if you are eagerly looking for a tramp that will give you the absolute best and most high performance jump experience that money can buy, then we would recommend seriously considering the SpringFree S155 or maybe one of their smaller equivalents.


The S155 has product dimensions of 157.5 x 110.2 x 157.5 inches and also weighs in at just over 306 total pounds. The jump mat area is 13 feet by 13 feet but once again remember that because of the rod system in place if actually gives you the jump area of a 16 foot by 16 foot mat because of the lack of springs.

If looking for an area to put the S155 you will need to have a flat area that has 21 feet by 21 feet available so that they S155 can function properly without anything else intruding in the jump area and for the jumpers to be completely safe.

The mat stands 3.3 feet off the ground and the net rises 6 feet further for a total assembled
height of 9.3 feet. It can also be put into the ground if desired.


If you are looking to “spice up” your jumping experience then SpringFree does offer a few accessories that our clients really seem to enjoy. (These need to be purchased separately)

First up is the best selling “FlexrHoop”. This is a completely flexible basketball goal that is attached to the Flexinet to provide a basketball court within the trampoline. Wonderful way to give your family and friends another activity when they are wanting to jump.

The “FlexrStep” is another addition provided that makes entering and exiting the Springfree line of tramps much easier and without introducing a hard surface near the jumping area which might harm one of the occupants. Personally I think this is a must have accessory as it really helps getting in and out of the SpringFree line and even has a lock in place where the little ones cannot get into the trampoline without parental supervision. If you are only going to purchase one accessory I would say this one would have to be it.

Shifting wheels make repositioning the entire unit much easier. So much so that one adult can easily shift the tramp around when either yard work needs to be down or maybe to move the trampoline into the shade during a hot summer day. If this is the case you might want to seriously consider purchasing one to assist in any movement of the trampoline that you might have.


– Incredibly safe
– Rod system does away with any springs
– Long life of mat means many years of use
– Large jumping surface


– Difficult to assemble
– High price point

SpringFree S155 Trampoline Consumer Reviews

Consumers who buy SpringFree products know they’re spending more money but have no problem doing so in exchange for the safety features and the higher quality material that will last longer. All the online reviews I’ve read rave about this model and its features. The only repetitive issue is the time and difficulty encountered during set up.

You’ll find consistent high marks for quality online.


If there’s anything to consider before you buy this model it’s the price. It’s expensive. When you consider that it’s about 10 times the cost of most trampolines of similar size there’s no question that you’ve got to stop and think about why you’d pay that much. Here’s how to think about the cost. First, when it comes to safety this model has every feature manufacturers have come up with to protect children from serious injury when jumping on a trampoline. You won’t find this level of safety in any other brand. So, if you have the money and want to do all you can to avoid cuts, pinched fingers, and broken bones then this is a worthwhile investment.

Second, other brands use materials that will not last as long specifically to keep the cost down. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad investment but if you have lots of grandchildren and they span across a wide range of ages then you probably want something that is going to last for 10 years. If, however, you have two small children and you’re just looking for something for them to do for a summer or two and then you’re going to toss it then this might not be the model for you.

Third, if you have children who are serious jumpers – maybe they intend to use this for gymnastics practice and routinely compete in meets and trials – then you’re going to want some serious equipment that can provide the level of bounce and responsiveness that the SpringFree provides. In that respect you’re really investing in your child’s sport more than anything else.

Finally, if you don’t have the space for something this size then you want to skip this one and find something smaller.

The SpringFree S155 trampoline is designed for large spaces where kids and adults want or need the best safety with the optimum jumping experience.