Without a doubt the Skywalker 12 Feet Jump N’ Dunk is probably the most popular and widely purchased trampoline on the market today. And with good reason. This review is going to talk about the ins and outs of such a simple and strong model that can be had for a very reasonable price. After reading through the information presented here we think you will understand why people love this very economical yet proven design that has given thousands of families a high quality but affordable jumping experience.


When it comes to trampolines the foremost concern with any potential buyers is going to be safety. So what did Skywalker try to accomplish to provide the budget minded buyer the safest model possible? Let’s find out.

The 12 Feet Jump in Dunk is well made and safety is of course a priority. Upon opening the box and inspecting the equipment before assembly it quickly becomes evident that the fine folks at Skywalker Trampolines put together a quality product that will last for many years to come and help keep your family and friends as safe as possible while doing so. The frame is solid steel construction with galvanized steel t-socket joints that make assembly easier in addition to insuring that the trampoline maintains a rust resistant status. In addition, Skywalker patented its “No-Gap Enclosure” system which no only insures that jumpers will stay within the confines of the jump mat; it also assures that children’s little fingers and toes will not become injured due to them going through gaps in the enclosure. This ingenious patented design also makes assembly and maintenance of the enclosure much easier to accomplish. Something that is not found within other trampolines of this size and price point.

The enclosure also has thick pads that contain the pole units that the netting is attached giving the poles an added layer of safety in addition to them being angled out and away from the jumping area to hopefully keep occupants from hitting them. (They curve back towards the unti at the top where they hold the top of the enclosure netting. In doing so this ensures adequate enclosure but at the same time staying as far out of the way as possible to minimize interference.)

Finally, the UV protected spring pad set up with the 12-Feet Jump N’ Dunk should also be mentioned since it provides some benefits that will not only keep occupants safe but will also be durable enough to last for years to come. The pad covering the rust resistant springs are made of a UV resistant material consisting of PVC that completely encloses the top and outside of the spring assembly providing complete and all encompassing protection from jumpers should the be launched off the jump mat and over the springs. In addition, the spring attachments are positioned on the external area of the enclosure for additional protection.


Of all the different manufacturers on the market today I would have to say that the Skywalker line tends to be one of the easier brands not only for assembly but for disassembly as well. Two adults will be needed for assembly for this type of project. Customers have consistently been able to put together the Skywalker 12-ft trampoline within roughly 2-3 hours barring any major issues. A philips head screwdriver is provided from the manufacturer as well as two adjustable wrenches. The company recommends the builders of this unit to also bring along a rubber mallet for assisting in the assembly process as well as rubber gloves to insure that hands and fingers are kept safe while putting components together. It is VERY important to make sure that the trampoline is put together properly before constructing the enclosure. If this is not accomplished, then there could be serious safety issues that may not become evident until after an occupant is not properly restrained within the trampoline will hitting the side of the safety netting.

All in all, most reviews we have come across all seem to state that the setup process of this make and model is easy enough for novice builders to put this tramp together in no time. The biggest complaints we hear about the setup process is sometimes the lack of instructions that come in the box. Luckily the instructions can be printed off directly from the Skywalker website.

Skywalker Jump N Dunk Basketball Hoop
Skywalker Trampoline Springs
Skywalker 12 foot trampoline sturdy construction


Even though Skywalker is for the most part seen in the trampoline community as a budget brand among some of its more expensive competitors the durability of this product is nothing to sneeze at by a long shot. If you are seriously considering a purchase of this tramp please be advised that with the budget pricing you are not giving up on durability. Sure some models out there might be more durable in our opinion, but if you are looking for best “bang for your buck” when it comes to durability and don’t have a lot of extra finances then Skywalker is a fine choice.

The rust resistant springs that provide the bounce of the jump mat are tightly coiled, made of steel, and coated in a gold coating to make sure that the evil effects of rust are kept away for many years to come. In addition, the previously mentioned spring pad is UV-protected making sure that the damaging effects of the sun’s rays can be mitigated even when in direct sunlight. The galvanized t-sockets (also mentioned here earlier) are rust resistant as well providing added protection for the joint areas of the steel constructed metal frame keeping away rust and simplifying the construction process.

Enthusiasts in the colder climates might considering winterizing their devices to ensure even additional product life of their tramp by removing the enclosure, spring pad, jump mat, and springs during the winter to ensure that components aren’t exposed to any harsh elements that could shorten lifespan. In doing so you are warranting that the life of your jump investment will provide many dividends for years and maybe even a decade or two to come.


Even though one of the less expensive trampolines on the market today many consider the Skywalker 12-feet Jump N’ Dunk to one of the higher performance tramps on the market today but also among the higher priced Skywalker models. The rust resistant spring assembly not only provide years of durability but they also pack quite a punch when it comes to lofting jumpers into the air! The middle area of the jump mat provides plenty of energy to get anyone as high as their legs can propel them, in fact Skywalker even warns people that there might be issues with them jumping TOO high! Because of that we feel that performance is not an issue at all when considering the 12ft model from Skywalker. You and your family will not be disappointed with how well this tramp performs.


The Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline has product dimensions of 144.0 x 106.5 x 144.0 and weighs in at a somewhat light (by trampoline standards) 149.5 pounds. The jump mat area comes in at a plentiful 95 square feet which gives multiple occupants plenty of room to move around.

When deciding where to place this trampoline in an area of your home or play area you will need an area of 20 feet by 20 feet to make sure you have plenty of room to fit the tramp in properly. You will also need just over 24 feet in vertical clearance to ensure adequate separation from tramp occupants and anything above them.


Luckily this model comes with the breakaway basketball rim that is soft with no hardened attachments at all. This soft basketball rim features a loop and hook structure that allows the rim to break away from the backboard when there is ample strength to separate it. This reduces the risk of getting limbs wounded or injured when dunking that can be an issue with a conventional basketball ball goal. Once again, the basketball rim comes standard with this model. It IS NOT sold separately. A ball is also included.

However, if there is any issue we have with the Jump N’ Dunk it’s the hoop. It’s fun and kids will love it but anyone older than 10 might get frustrated with how easily it comes off. This is designed on purpose to keep kids from bumping their heads on a fixed rim or from hanging by the rim but this is also annoying. If you have older kids who might play ball aggressively they’ll get frustrated by having to put the rim back in place all the time.

Other recommended accessories that we think clients and customers should seriously consider would have to be as follows:

The Upper Bounce Trampoline Spring Pull Tool: this device really helps with getting the springs into the proper location on the trampoline. If you want to save time installing the jump mat then this tool is a must!

Trampoline Wind Stakes: This helps keep wind related issues to a minimum and secures the trampoline to the maximum extent possible.

Skywalker Trampoline Accessory Kit: This useful accessory includes a ladder, wind stakes, and a storage bag. The ladder assists when occupants want to get on or off the trampoline and the wind stakes operate the same way as previously mentioned. The storage bag makes a convenient location for storing shoes or other items while the occupants jump without having to worry about losing anything.

Skywalker Wide-Step ladder: If you wish to have a little bit more of a “beefier” ladder for heavier or bigger occupants it might be worth considering the wide-step ladder. The is constructed with heavier gauge steel that provides more support and is of a wider girth that then ladder that comes in the accessory kit. If you are going to have more than your fair share of big jumpers on your tramp then this accessory is somewhat of a must. We would recommend skipping the accessory kit ladder and using this one.


– Affordability and price point
– Ease of setup
– Durability


– Less performance that similar sized more expensive models
– Doesn’t come with a ladder
– Breakaway basketball rim is fun but comes off very easily


Consumers who purchase the Skywalker 12-ft Jump N’ Dunk know that when it comes to purchasing a 12 foot round trampoline that they are getting the best combination of quality for the cheapest price. Now, that doesn’t mean that you are getting the nicest, safest, most durable, or the highest performance tramp on the market. However, as we have stated before, when it comes to bang for the buck this trampoline should be a serious contender. The vast majority of consumer complaints that we have noticed focuses around pieces not showing up when ordered or the instruction manual not be provided with the building components. To remedy this we recommend visually making an inventory before the setup process. If something is missing we recommend contacting Skywalker immediately. If the instruction manual has not been provided then simply go to the Skywalker website where one can be downloaded in PDF format.

Budget minded consumers should be happy with this investment.


At this price point the Skywalker cannot be beat. We consider this to be an entry level trampoline even though with proper care and maintenance one that can last for many many years. If there is anything that really stands out about this trampoline it is the price point. Let’s be honest, purchasing a tramp for under $300 is a very good deal. (Especially one of this size and make) That said if you have experienced jump enthusiasts living in your home or ifyou’re looking for one with a basketball hoop that will be used by kids over 10 that will spend multiple hours every day jumping till their heart’s content then we might recommend going with a more beefy model that can put up with the wear and tear that is to be expected.