Do you have a rambunctious toddler who has way too much energy; especially on a rainy day when they cannot go outside and play? If so then this trampoline review is going to be right up your alley! The Little Tikes 3 Foot is designed specifically for younger toddlers who need an avenue to get some of that extra energy out of their system as well as learn better coordination and be as active as possible. This is one of the best selling trampolines on the market today, so if you are looking for something to help get your toddler moving indoors when it is either too cold or rainy then look no further than what we are presenting here.


As with all other trampolines on the market today safety is always the utmost priority for both the buyer and the manufacturer alike. And even though this little three-foot model is made for indoor use by youngsters under fifty-five pounds Little Tykes made it as safe as possible.

The most noticeable safety feature on this three-foot unit is the handle bar that extends across so that a toddler can balance on it and jump at the same time. With this handle bar little jumpers can be assured to work on their balance as they burn off lots of energy. When your little ones get older and more proficient then all you have to do is simply unscrew the sides of the bar and voila! No more bar!

Furthermore, the band assembly (there are no metal springs with this product) that connects the jump mat to the sides of the device is covered in dense padding that insures that even if an occupant were to fall on that area they would be protected from injury. Peace of mind since little jumpers will fall from time to time when learning this new skill.

This device is mainly for indoor use however it can be placed outdoors as long as the proper precautions are taken. If indoors we suggest putting the Little Tikes Three-Foot tramp on a carpeted service to help cushion the fall should someone come off the jump mat and over the spring assembly onto the ground. Please take extra care to make sure that no furniture or anything else is nearby that can cause undo injury to someone coming off the jump mat. If outside, please insure that the unit is on level ground. A good idea would be to put it on a grassy service or something else with some cushion to help lessen any impact from falling off. Avoid hard surfaces at all costs!

Little Tikes Trampoline
Little Tikes Three Foot Trampoline


When it comes to our reviews we are always usually going into detail about the relative ease (of lack thereof) of the setup process. There is only one word that can be used to describe the setup process here: EASY! All you have to do is connect the five legs to the bottom of the device as well as connect the assist handlebar. A wrench comes with the packaging. The only other tool needed is a Philips head screwdriver. In most cases it should take someone no more than thirty minutes to an hour to put this entire unit together. This can easily be put together by one person.


The durability of this model is not bad. That said it is only made to handle a weight limit of fifty- five pounds. Jumpers above that weight are almost guaranteed to eventually put undo stress on the unit and cause premature wear and tear decreasing the lifespan. If occupants are below this weight, then the durability of this tramp is second to none. Couple that with is primarily being an indoor model and this tramp could last years if not decades. The only primary cause of concern that we have found is the padded that wraps around the assist bar. If your little ones are teething they might be attracted to the foam that is very easy to chew off. This could cause problems in regards to being a choking hazard as well as taking the padding off the metal bar possibly inducing a hazard. If your children are in this teething stage it would be prudent to monitor their jumping activities as well as maybe covering the padding to insure that it doesn’t come off in their mouths.


When you are dealing with a device made for fifty-five pounds and under you cannot be expected to have ultra high performance. Your kids will love it and they will have a ball, but this is an indoor trampoline made for toddlers and children slightly above that age range.


The Little Tikes Three Foot consists of dimensions of 36 x 36 x 33.5 inches. It sits roughly eight inches off the ground and can easily be put away when not in use. The weight of this model is fifteen pounds so it can easily be moved around by one person.


Unfortunately, since this is such a simple model and setup there are no accessories that come with this make and model. However, Little Tikes does make a vast array of indoor toys that would be the perfect complement to this Three Foot Trampoline. You could purchase a few together and build your own indoor play ground!! Certain to bring hours of fun year in and year out!!


– Price is very affordable
– Easily fits in small areas of house
– Ease of setup
– Durability


– Only made for jumpers under fifty-five pounds
– Foam padding on assist handle can come off easily


This is by far one of the hottest selling trampolines on the market today and the reviews produced by consumers who purchase it are very positive. While minor problems and grudges with this model do exist if you are looking for a great little trampoline to keep your young child active and burning lots of energy than the Little Tikes Three Foot Trampoline will be an excellent choice.

Budget conscious purchasers will be pleased with this investment that will give hours of fun for many years to come.


And finally the moment you are all waiting for! The Price. When it comes to investments in our children’s play time and play things we of course want to get the best bang for our buck. You cannot go wrong with this model. The price is about as low as any other model out there for the performance and the quality. When looking for a sub one hundred dollar purchase for your young kids we think you cannot go wrong with the Little Tikes Three Footer. They will be glad you did!